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*PLEASE NOTE THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED* The Raspberry Pi Compute Module Development Kit contains all the basic components you need to develop embedded designs using the Raspberry Pi Compute Module. What is the Compute Module? The Compute Module from Raspberry Pi has been specially created for design engineers who are happy with Pi functionality but require a much smaller form factor (67.6 mm x 30 mm) for their embedded designs. The module also features the same BCM 2835 System on Chip (SoC) and memory (512MB) as the Pi B+. Extra Features of the Compute Module ?4 GB of on-board embedded Multi-Media Controller (eMMC) flash memory to replace the SD card that would normally be inserted into a Raspberry Pi board. ?200-pin connector edge that provides access to all inputs and outputs on the module ?Can fit a standard DDR2 SODIMM connector What is the I/O Board? The Compute Module plugs straight into the input/output (I/O) board which then allows access to all of the Compute Module's processor interfaces. Through the I/O board, the design engineer can then set-up the module to install Raspbian and can programme the module's flash memory. What is in the kit? ?1 x Compute Module ?1 x I/O board ?1 x CMIO to Raspberry Pi camera adaptor board ?1 x CMIO to Raspberry Pi display adaptor board ?2 x FFC cables ?1 x power supply (5 V) ?1 x USB A to micro B data cable Note: The Compute Module Kit for Japan does not contain a power supply.