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Fish Dish Raspberry Pi LED Buzzer Board

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The Fish Dish is a breakout/add on board for the Raspberry Pi (can be used with other boards too - Arduino etc.) which makes it easy and extremely fun to use the GPIO on the Raspberry Pi. It plugs directly onto the GPIO pins with a 2 x 13 header and is in the shape of a three-eyed fish. 

Works great with Model A, B and B+ Raspberry Pis! It has 3 LEDs (red, yellow, green), a buzzer and a switch. The Fish Dish can therefore be used to showcase a variety of different interfacing techniques, and brings physical computing to the Raspberry Pi in a cute and cheerful way! It also comes with a stacking header (as pictured) meaning that you can still use the other GPIO pins if you wish.

Why A Kit?

We love electronics kits for a multitude of reasons - they are fun to put together, you get a sense of achievement at the end of it, they are great for learning about soldering and electronics and many many more reasons... At Pi Supply we are quite keen on the whole education and fun aspect of the Raspberry Pi and computing and electronics in general, so we feel that a kit is much more worthwhile to all of our backers. However, you don't need to be a soldering god or an electronics pro to put our kits together - we make them simple enough even for absolute beginners to put together.

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Customer review


Customer review

Nice little kit to get used with the GPIO, I took Sven's code and made the Fish a life changing tool make the question, Push the button, and let the fish decide: Green=Yes Yellow=Maybe/Think it through/try again Red=No i keep a 'screen' session open to run it, but maybe there is a way to keep the process running in the background?

A Pi Supply Customer
Sven H.
Customer review

And I meant that to be a 5 starts review :-) Well, it;s more comments, but ok. Fish Dish is super basic, but the GPIOs of the Raspberry are confusing enough. So starting easy like this is cool. My next thing to do will be using a node.js lib on raspberry PI to make use of the fish dish, will post when ready.

A Pi Supply Customer
Sven H.
Customer review

I've built upon the snippet posted and put it up on pastebin - the indentation is important with python and it was a bit hard to fix the example posted before. I changed the script slightly, too - press the button to hear the sound and the leds build up from red to yellow to green. Cheers!

Customer review

Love the kit and appreciate marwin66's sample program. Thanks!