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JustBoom – Affordable, High Quality Audio for Everyone

Improve your audio and experience the true clarity of your high definition music with JustBoom. Audio the way it was meant to be heard!

Why high quality audio?

Ten years ago, MP3 players revolutionised the role music played in our lives. The MP3 was a form of audio that could allow thousands of songs to be loaded onto a single portable player. Rather than needing hundreds of discs and vinyls, we could carry our entire music library with us to listen to anytime, anywhere, at an affordable price. But we abandoned the true quality of high definition music.

Why JustBoom?

Your current headphones or speakers, no matter what they cost, can only ever sound as good as the files you are playing through them. The MP3 is a digitally compressed audio format. They sacrifice musical fidelity for more compact storage. They take the raw music of the studio and shrink it just enough to satisfy the storage limitation of the past, while still keeping the song recognisable. The MP3 was the favoured form of music to package into the black-box players that have dominated the last decade.

Welcome to the bright new world of affordable high definition audio with JustBoom!

This same decade has driven a significant drop in the price of storage, and advancements in cloud and audio streaming technology. There are accessible forms of music available that don’t sacrifice quality – they take the raw recorded analogue signal, and convert it to a digital format. All you need is a modern device to play them through your sound system, so you can truly experience music as you are meant to.

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