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Order Information

Here at Pi Supply we want to make the order process as painless and transparent as we possibly can. To this end, we have compiled some information below to keep you in the loop.

Order status

Once you place an order with Pi Supply and assuming you created an account at the same time, there are a number of different order statuses you might see in the My Account section of our website. We know that these can sometimes be confusing so below we have clarified the meaning of all of the statuses that may appear:

  • Pending payment – your order has been received but payment is still pending
  • Failed – your payment failed or was declined
  • Processing – your payment has been successfully received and the order is awaiting fulfillment
  • Completed – your order has been fulfilled and is complete (see shipping times above for when to expect it)
  • On-Hold – we are still awaiting payment for your order
  • Cancelled – the order has been cancelled by an admin or by yourself (the customer)
  • Refunded – your order has been either partially or completely refunded by an admin

Order emails

When you make an order with Pi Supply we will send you a few emails throughout the process in order to keep you informed about how it is progressing. There are currently three emails that we send out as part of the order process and we will not send any more than this unless you opt in to our newsletter. The emails we will send are as follows:

  • Order receipt – this email will be sent out as soon as your order is submitted and payment is received successfully
  • Order complete – you will receive this email as soon as we ship out your order (see shipping times above for when to expect it)
  • Order review – one month after your order has shipped (and you receive the order complete email) you will receive this order review email. There is obviously no obligation to leave a review, but we love to hear your feedback and it helps out other customers as well. Aditionally, if you make sure you are signed in to your account when you leave the review you will receive a 5% discount voucher for your next order!

Fraudulent purchases

Our payment processors (PayPal, Stripe, Nochex) all have stringent fraud protection facilities in place in order to keep your details safe online and to block any potentially fraudulent purchases and transactions. We also perform our own checks behind the scenes to add further protection. However very rarely there may unfortunately be a time where you have inadvertently been the victim of fraud and none of our protection systems have picked up on this.

If you see a transaction on your credit or debit card statement or within your PayPal account relating to our website (see details above for how this would appear on your statement) then please get in touch with us as soon as you can by sending an email to or using our contact form and we will do our best to investigate this and rectify this unfortunate situation with you.

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Last updated: 15th January 2015