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How to assemble your PiJuice Zero Case

How to assemble your PiJuice Zero Case

How to assemble your PiJuice Zero Case

The PiJuice Zero case is designed to hold your Raspberry Pi Zero, PiJuice Zero pHAT board and a small LiPo battery. It has been uniquely designed to include a small shelf within the case to hold the battery separate from the elements of the boards, whilst also providing cut outs for access to all connectors on the Raspberry Pi and PiJuice Zero. This guide will show you how to assemble the boards and battery within the case.

What you need

Getting Started

Step 1 – First, you will need to disassemble your PiJuice Zero case by carefully pulling both sides apart and then sliding the top half of the case upwards.

Step 2 – Once the top and bottom half of the case are apart, take out the contents of the case, which includes the rubber feet and the battery shelf.

Step 3 – Go ahead and assemble your Raspberry Pi Zero board and PiJuice Zero using the supplied mounting hardware.

Step 4 – Insert the assembled boards into the case, making sure that the cut outs align with the connectors.

Step 5 – Before we add the battery shelf, go ahead and insert the battery into the PiJuice Zero board.

Step 6 – Clip into place the battery shelf, making sure the cutout slot is near the battery connector on the PiJuice Zero board. Once done so, then place the battery on top of the small shelf.

Step 7 – Finally Slide over the top half of the case. Make sure the battery cable is tucked inside the case.

Inserting the rubber feet

The rubber feet are to be used when placing the case on a smooth surface where it might move easily. The rubber feet can be inserted using a pointed object such as a pen or small screwdriver. Place the rubber foot over the hole at an angle the begin to push through the hole.

Do this for all 4 rubber feet.

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