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Pi Supply GPIO to FPC Breakout pHAT for Raspberry Pi

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The Pi Supply GPIO to FPC Breakout pHAT for Raspberry Pi makes it possible to bring the 40 GPIOs of the Raspberry Pi, which are available on our display only as ZIF / FFC connection, back to the standard connection of 2x20 pins in 2.54mm pitch.

This allows you to connect your own sensors, controllers, etc to the Raspberry Pi despite the plugged-in displays. It's also possible use two of these to extend the GPIO to another location using an FPC cable. There is also the option to change the SPI address of devices using our jumpers. J1 and J2 are jumpers for swapping SPI chip select GPIOs CE0/CE1, so you can attach two spi HATs that physically connects to the same CE GPIO

Compatible with various add-on boards

What's included

  • GPIO adapter PCB with mounted FFC socket
  • 200mm FFC cable
  • Various mounting hardware
  • Your choice of three different headers:
    • 1 x 60mm / 55mm male to male header (1.95cm overall length)
    • 1 x 10mm (metal pins) / 8.5mm (plastic) male to female header
    • 1 x 4.91mm (metal pins) / 8mm (plastic) male to female header

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