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ANAVI Play pHAT for Raspberry Pi

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Put your Raspberry Pi to work: with Anavi Play pHat, you can make it an IoT hub during the day and a retro gaming machine during the night! ANAVI Play pHAT is a super simple, low cost, open source hardware add-on board for Raspberry Pi with buttons for retro gaming and slots for up to three I2C sensor modules.

Inspired by the classic game controllers of the early 80s, ANAVI Play pHAT fits perfectly on top of any Raspberry Pi with a 40-pin header, including the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and Zero. It runs on Raspbian out of the box, and with our Python script you can use it for playing retro games on RetroPie and EmulationStation.

Furthermore, free and open source software examples are provided for reading data from sensors for temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and light.

ANAVI Play pHAT was created by and for free and open source software. It has been certified by the open source hardware association under UID BG000007. All units will be manufactured in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, EU. Both soldering kits and fully assembled units are available.


Each fully assembled kit include a couple of convenient acrylic cases for Raspberry Pi 2/3 or Zero. The cases were designed with the free and open software OpenSCAD. They provide a better gaming experience while maintaining air flow for cooling the Raspberry Pi.

Order any of the available perks, get your hands on the ANAVI Play pHAT, contribute to our GitHub repositories, and become part of our open source community!

Who Needs It and Why?

ANAVI Play pHAT is an excellent low-cost addition for any Raspberry Pi owner interested in retro gaming and home automation. ANAVI Play pHAT is an entirely open source project. Documentation and examples are already available on GitHub.

Thanks to the free and open source project, RetroPie, you can enjoy playing your favorite games from the good old days with more than 30 different emulators using EmulationStation as a front-end.

With ANAVI Play pHAT and Raspberry Pi, you can have hundreds of retro games in your pocket for a minimal budget. Unlike bulky USB gamepads, ANAVI Play pHAT fits on top of your Raspberry Pi and takes little space. During vacations or business trips you can easily take it with your Raspberry Pi in your carry-on baggage and plug them to the TV in your hotel room.

You can also build a weather station with sensors for temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and light. If you need buttons for your home automation project, ANAVI Play pHAT adds eight of them to your Raspberry Pi.

Features & Specifications

  • Gamepad with eight buttons for playing retro games
  • Slots for up to three plug-and-play I2C sensors
  • EEPROM with device tree binary overlay
  • Works out of the box with Raspbian, fully compatible with RetroPie
  • Excellent software support, documentation, and open source examples


ANAVI Play pHAT works with Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and B, Raspberry Pi 2, Raspberry Pi A+, Raspberry Pi B+, Raspberry Pi 0, and Raspberry Pi 0 W.

ANAVI Play pHAT officially supports the following I2C modules:

  • HTU21D sensor for temperature and humidity
  • BMP180 sensor for temperature and barometric pressure
  • BH1750 sensor for light
  • APDS-9960 sensor for RGB color and gesture detection