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AirPi Kit v1.4 - Raspberry Pi Weather Station Kit

by AirPi

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Please note! The AirPi has unfortunately been discontinued for the foreseeable future. "Senses 99.9% of all known stuff" - Clive Beale, Raspberry Pi foundation The AirPi is a shield for the Raspberry Pi which can automatically provide information to the Raspberry Pi about temperature, humidity, air pressure, nitrogen dioxide levels, carbon monoxide levels, the current light levels and noise levels. Our open-source code then takes this information and automatically uploads it to a online database. The AirPi is sold as a kit, which means that in order to assemble it you will need basic soldering skills. All the parts are through hole, so is is easy for beginners to solder - the manufacturers say they have even had many people learn to solder using the AirPi kits! They also include full instructions on how to assemble the kit and setup the Raspberry Pi to work with it. The full contents of the kit are:
  • AirPi PCB, with the CO and NO2 sensors pre-soldered onto it
  • DHT22 temperature & humidity sensor
  • BMP085 air pressure sensor
  • Light sensor (LDR)
  • A microphone, to measure noise pollution
  • A rail-to-rail op-amp to amplify the signal from the microphone (MCP6283)
  • Analogue to digital converter (MCP3008)
  • One red and one green LED
  • A header for exposing the extra ADC inputs, for connecting your own sensors
  • A stacking header for the Raspberry Pi, so you can use this with another shield for the Pi
  • All the resistors and capacitors for the parts above
  • A space on PCB for the Adafruit Ultimate GPS Module (optional extra)
  • Please note this kit does not include a Raspberry Pi or Adafruit Ultimate GPS Module
Potential uses
  • Monitoring the indoor environment Several people have used this kit to monitor the indoor environment of their house, for example, to know whether their dehumidifier was working, or whether their spouse had left the lights turned on.
  • Recording data about the air quality The sensors which the AirPi records, whilst poor indicators of absolute NO2 or CO levels, provide quite good relative readings, enabling you to determine for certain whether or not that huge new factory across the road actually made the air worse!
  • Anything at all! The code on the Raspberry Pi is fully open source (on GitHub), which means you can use the AirPi shield to do anything! You can add new sensors (3 of the extra ADC connections on the board are exposed for this and one person has connected up a geiger counter to his in order to measure radiation), or you can just use the sensors already included to trigger things (for example, turning on the heating when the lights are turned on).

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Customer review

(AirPi) - excellent product - not that difficult to build, just need to be careful when soldering, but I hadn't soldered since I was at school (now 40) and managed just fine - is great fun to play around with and get readings etc and show them via webpage or on Xively (Pi-Supply) - great company, always respond quickly to any emails - products despatched quickly


Customer review

Nice design, simple to assemble (about 20 minutes of soldering), and a very good way to make your Pi environmentally aware.


Customer review

Awesome simplified design that allows connecting extra sensors to it. I own various and love using them. Thanx a lot for getting them back into market!