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WD PiDrive Foundation Edition SD Card

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Connect WD PiDrive device to your Raspberry Pi with the included WD PiDrive cable. Recommended power adapter is 5V, 3A (5V, 2.5A minimum) with a good quality low-resistance power cable. The WD PiDrive power kit is recommended for setting up the above (available at Insert microSD card, included with the WD PiDrive device, into the microSD slot on your Raspberry Pi. Connect keyboard, mouse, video monitor and any other peripherals to your Raspberry Pi. 

Prior to installing OSs, you must disconnect any internet connections (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) to ensure optimised compatibility of installed software (Raspbian PIXEL, Raspbian Lite and dedicated Project Spaces). Turn on video monitor, connect 5V power to your Raspberry Pi. 

Software Setup

  • Click the checkbox(es) next to the item(s) you wish to install. 

IMPORTANT: This package is designed for a one-time setup and install, if you need to go into recovery mode this will delete all content on the drive. 

  • Select destination device as "sda..."
  • If asked, select "Yes" to reformat the drive. 
  • Select default language/keyboard at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click the "install" button at top of menu.
  • Click "yes" to confirm
  • After software is installed, click "ok" to proceed. Installation is now complete.
  • Double-click the item in the menu that you wish to launch.
  • The system will continue to format the WD PiDrive device in the background during the initial use period, and the WD PiDrive device's LED will flash constantly. This is normal.