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The ADCDAC Pi Zero is compatible with all Raspberry Pi models from the A+ and B+ onwards.

The ADC-DAC Pi Zero is a 2 channel 12 bit analogue to digital converter and 2 channel 12 bit digital to analogue converter designed to work with the Raspberry Pi. Designed for the same footprint as the Raspberry Pi Zero the ADC-DAC Pi Zero is also compatible with full size Raspberry Pi models.

The ADC-DAC Pi Zero is based on the Microchip MCP3202 A/D converter containing 2 analogue inputs with 12 bit resolution with a Microchip MCP4822 dual channel 12-bit DAC with internal voltage reference.

Power to the board is provided through the host Raspberry Pi using the GPIO port. Only one ADC-DAC Pi Zero can be used on a Raspberry Pi but the extended pins on the GPIO connector allow you to stack the ADC-DAC Pi Zero along with other expansion boards. Mounting holes on the board can be used to securely fit the board on your Raspberry Pi. As the ADC-DAC Pi Zero uses the same footprint as the Raspberry Pi Zero only two of the mounting holes can be used on the larger Raspberry Pi models.

The A/D and D/A converters communicate with the Raspberry Pi through the SPI interface.

Max ADC Sample Rate: 100,000 samples per second

Max ADC Sample Rate under Python on a Pi 2: 12,000 samples per second.