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Nebra AnyBeam - MEMS Laser Pocket Cinema Projector

by Nebra
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Nebra AnyBeam Pocket Cinema Laser Projector

The Nebra AnyBeam is a low cost, high definition laser projector that can fit in your pocket.

Conventional projectors tend to be big, hot, noisy, use a lot of power, require focus adjustment, and aren't very portable. These issues are solved by laser and high speed two-dimensional scanning by adopting the MEMS scanner.

MEMS is a device that uses latest micro-fabrication technology and integrates mechanical structure and electronic circuits. The Nebra AnyBeam projects a high resolution image of HD (720p @ 60 Hz) by reflecting the three colour laser by high speed driving of the MEMS mirror, and scanning the horizontal and vertical two dimensional directions.

Since the laser is adopted as the light source, it is not affected by the unevenness of the projection surface and the curved surface. In addition, it is also possible to use a ceiling and other places where it is hard to install a normal display, or signage on a non-flat wall. 

  • Pocket size
  • 100+ inch screen-size
  • No need to focus
  • Plug in any device with HDMI compatibility
  • Fanless
  • Bulbless


  • Focus Free
    • In conventional projectors, it's necessary to adjust the focus. The Nebra AnyBeam uses a laser that travels straight and hardly spreads. It's always influenced by the distance, the unevenness of the projected surface, and the curved surface, so it is always in focus.
  • No Bulb
    • The Nebra AnyBeam utilises a MEMS scanner which means no bulb is required. 
  • High Colour Reproducibility
    • By adopting semiconductor lasers of three colours R, G, and B as light sources, the projector displays a wide colour gamut and colourful images.
  • Low Noise
    • With operating noise 0 and low heat generation, adopting a laser with high electro-optical conversion efficiency and a MEMS scanner eliminates the need for a cooling fan, which was indispensable for conventional projectors. It can be applied more freely without worrying about operation sound even in digital signage and embedded applications.
  • Compact & Lightweight
    • Because it is focus-free, it does not require an optical system such as a projection lens or a fan for cooling, so it's small enough to fit into your pocket. 
  • Low Power Consumption
    • It has high light use efficiency and low power consumption. The power consumption of the Nebra AnyBeam is as low as 3.0 W meaning it can be used for a long time with power bank/battery.

Use Cases

  • Digital signage
  • Streaming media (movies, TV shows, etc)
  • Displaying presentations
  • And much more


  • Resolution: 720p/60FPS
  • Contrast: 80,000:1
  • Ratio: 16:9
  • Brightness: 30 ANSI (equivalent to 150 ANSI lumens in a standard DLP projector)
  • Screen size: 100" (The projection distance is 3m depending on the environment)
  • Audio output: 3.5 Audio Jack
  • Speaker output: 1.0W (Maximum)
  • Input interface: HDMI (v1.4 HDMI female connector)
  • Rated voltage (V) / current:
    • Rated input: DC 5V / 1.5A
  • Operating temperature: 5 ° C to 35 ° C (41 ° F to 95 ° F)
  • Size: 103mm x 50mm x 19mm
  • Weight: 133 grams
  • Mounting: Standard 1/4-20 UNC tripod mount
  • Navigation: Multi-way switch

Other Notes

  • For best results, we recommend using Nebra AnyBeam in conjunction with a projector screen such as this one