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Setup MyFi Music Player

Setup MyFi Music Player

This guide will show you how to setup and install MyFi Music with your JustBoom board.

Before you start.

MyFi Music has been tested with:

  • JustBoom Amp HAT
  • JustBoom DAC HAT
  • JustBoom Digi HAT
  • JustBoom Amp Zero
  • JustBoom DAC Zero
  • JustBoom Digi Zero

Section 1 – Setup the Raspberry Pi

Step 1 – Head over to and select Installation > Installation on Raspberry Pi from the menu bar.

Step 2 – Download the pre-compiled MyFi Music image file and flash it to an SD card using the latest version of Balena Etcher.

Section 2 – Network configuration

Step 1 – There are three ways in which you can connect the MyFi Music player to your network:

  • Use a ethernet cable to directly connect the Raspberry Pi to your router/switch
  • Connect to the MyFi Music Wi-Fi access point
  • Use the official MyFi Android application to configure the Wi-Fi

Note: Wi-Fi access point is only created when the Raspberry Pi is not connected to a local network via Wi-Fi or ethernet.

Section 3 – Configure your JustBoom HAT or pHAT

Step 1 – If you are using a web browser then head over to the following link:


If you have the mobile app installed on your phone then simply start the mobile app and it will search for available devices. If the Raspberry Pi is connected to your network it will find it and you can click the settings button to access system settings. If the Raspberry Pi is not connected to your home network it will set itself up as a wi-fi access point. In this case use the wi-fi settings on your phone to connect to an access point called rPi-raspberrypi using the password 1234567890. Then re-start the mobile app and it should find the Raspberry Pi. Then click the System settings button to access system settings.

Step 2 – From the settings page click on “Sound Card” at the bottom of the page. Then from the drop down box select the JustBoom sound card from the list.

Step 3 – Click “Set” to save the settings and then reboot the Raspberry Pi for the changes to make effect.

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