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Setup Balena OS

Setup Balena OS

This guide will show you how to setup and install Balena OS for your JustBoom HAT or pHAT.

Before you start.

Balena OS has been tested with:

  • JustBoom Amp HAT
  • JustBoom DAC HAT
  • JustBoom Digi HAT
  • JustBoom Amp Zero
  • JustBoom DAC Zero
  • JustBoom Digi Zero

Note that the player can also be used with many of the audio cards already present on the market like iQaudio, HiFiBerry, Allo and others.

Section 1 – Setup the Raspberry Pi

Step 1 – Head over to and either login to your Balena account or create an account by clicking the sign up link. Balena OS is free to use.

Step 2 – Create an application, selecting the correct device type for your Raspberry Pi as well as giving your application a name

Step 3 – Add a device to the application, enabling you to download the OS

Step 4 – Flash the downloaded OS to your SD card with balenaEtcher

Step 5 – Power up the Pi and check it’s online in the dashboard

Section 2 – Deploy your application

Step 1 – Install the balena CLI tools

Step 2 – Login with balena login

Step 3 – Download project and from the project directory run balena push <appName> where <appName> is the name you gave your balenaCloud application in the first step.

Section 3 – DAC Configuration

If you are using a DAC board, you will need to make a couple of changes to the device configuration in the balenaCloud dashboard.

  • Disable the on-board audio by editing the existing RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_dtparam variable to set ”audio=off”.
  • Add an additional custom configuration variable called BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_dtoverlay.Select one of the following values based on which audio card you have:
    • JustBoom Amp, Amp Zero, DAC and DAC Zero – justboom-dac
    • JustBoom Digi and Digi Zero – justboom-digi

After the application has pushed and the device has downloaded the latest changes you’re ready to go!

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