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Adafruit Bluefruit EZ-Link - Bluetooth Serial Link & Arduino Programmer - v1.3

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A Bluetooth module that can change baud rates on the fly and toggle the DTR pin as desired! The Bluefruit EZ-Link is a regular 'SPP' serial link client device, that can pair with any computer or tablet and appear as a serial/COM port (except iOS as iOS does not permit SPP pairing) with some lovely extra features.
  • Automatically detect and change the serial baud rate.
  • All the most common baud rates are supported: 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 and 230400.
  • The DTR/RTS/DSR flow control pins are automatically synced to the computer serial port - if your computer sets the hardware flow control DTR or RTS pins high or low the pins on the bluetooth module will follow.
  • If the DSR input pin is brought high or low on the EZ-Link, the computer can detect that as well.
  • Two onboard RX/TX LED's let you know if data is being sent or received.
  • Connection status pin goes high if your computer opens a UART connection, letting your microcontroller know it can expect to receive data and its OK to send data back.
What we've got here now is a way to program an Arduino (or compatible) from 10 meters away, completely wirelessly, with no extra software, custom hardware, odd firmware hacks or modified firmware. In fact, you can use the Bluefruit as a sort of 'wire free' FTDI-like cable with any device that has an FTDI re-programming port. It works great, and you can use the serial console as well. This package includes the necessary 1uF capacitor between the DTR and reset pin. Pack contains,
  • One ready to go and assembled EZ-Link board
  • One 6-pin right angle female header and a stick of 6-pin extra-long male header
  • One JST connector
Chances are you will want to solder the female header in to the center of the board so you can use it like an FTDI-cable but if not you've got the option of wires, or other kind of header. The JST connector can be soldered on the back (optional) to connect a Lipoly battery for portable projects. If the JST is used, the battery can also power the microcontroller that the EZ-Link is plugged into. For more detail, check out Adafruits tutorial