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JustBoom Amp Zero pHAT


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Harness the clarity of your high-definition music files with the JustBoom Amp Zero pHAT. Audio the way it was meant to be heard!

The JustBoom Amp Zero is a high quality audio amplifier designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi Zero. It provides up to 192kHz/32bit digital to analogue conversion and gives up to a 2x40W Class-D amplified output. We've also included an optional IR receiver to allow remote control operation of your Raspberry Pi.

Simply stack the plug-and-play JustBoom Amp Zero onto your Pi Zero and you can be streaming flawless high quality audio in minutes over the cloud or local network. Need help understanding how this product works? Follow our product guide.

Power supply: We recommend using a 15v / 65w power supply such as this one.

Setup Guide

Use cases

  • Pi Zero Gameboy


Technical Information

  • TAS5756 Digital Audio AMP - Class D
  • Maximum output is 30 W (RMS) 55W (Peak)
  • Fully integrated hardware volume mixing via alsamixer or any ALSA compatible application
  • Optional Vishay TSOP4838 IR receiver (solder yourself if required)
  • 112db SNR and -93db THD for best-in-class audio

JustBoom - Affordable High Quality Audio