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Pi PoE Switch HAT - Power over Ethernet for Raspberry Pi

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This product is compatible with the Raspberry Pi 3 The Pi PoE Switch HAT is a power over ethernet add-on board for the Raspberry Pi that brings the Pi Supply Switch technology together with PoE all in one fantastic package! You can now power your Raspberry Pi and provide an Ethernet connection in any location with just a single cable. Perfect for removing the clutter of wires and for reliable use in remote locations. We have been working hard on all of the technical features so that you don't have to! Technical Specification
  • Fully 802.3af (mode A and B) compliant active power over Ethernet
  • Includes optional jumper that toggles the power functionality
    • If you keep the jumper on, your Pi PoE will power on after holding the power button for two seconds
    • If you take the jumper off, your Pi PoE will power on as soon as you apply power from your injector (If you don't have a PoE Injector yet, you can pick one up here!)
  • Contains physical layer power negotiation circuitry, presenting itself as a Class 0 device
  • Fully isolated switched mode power supply (SMPS) - 1500V isolation input to output
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • High efficiency (up to 87%) regulated output
  • Input voltage 36-56V, output voltage 5V, output current 10-1300mA, max output power 6.5W
  • Onboard ATtiny 13A microcontroller for power management functionality
  • Configurable on / off switch for intelligent power management
  • Leaves all unused GPIO free for use with other add on boards
  • Fully assembled board
  • Mounting hardware and short ethernet patch cable included
Software and Samples Pi PoE is completely plug and play - no software required in order for Pi PoE to provide power and Ethernet directly to your Raspberry Pi and it will work straight out of the box. We also have plans to introduce some useful scripts and guides in order for you to make use of the configurable onboard button as well as harness the unused power of the ATtiny on board and these will be introduced in due course. Resources
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David H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Makes for a clutter free rpi

The PoE solution is perfect for me as I use it in a location where I have no power plugs and only managed to lay an ethernet cable to and for that the hat is perfect! Highly recommended.

Customer review

Great hat, and works very well. My units (~40) are streaming some RTSP content via omxplayer. I have removed the CN2 jumper so that the devices turn back on as soon as POE is available (really so they recover in their own accord after power cycle). Unfortunately removal of this Jumper appears to remove all functionality of the button? Any way around this? this would allow the end user a way to reboot the unit themselves if issues encoutered

Customer review

Works as advertised. Also utilized the script to remove power on shutdown. Neat. I did receive two additional SMD resitors. What are they for?

Customer review

Great product! Excellent support!! Grazie Francesco. The only drawback of the board, by now, is that the male pins to stack another board on top are too short and bring the lower side of the upper board in contact with the shielding of the ethernet sockets. An Example. To stack an HiFi Berry or a Just Boom DAC requires soldering (or adapters that I did not find in the portfolio of Pi-Supply). Uncomfortable but not too bad: this is a motivation to make my own cabinet for the tree cards together!! A nice project for the summer! Any chance to convince Volumio or OSMC to implement that powering button function that Aaron and Casm are talking about?

Customer review

Works as advertised. Sadly: "Leaves all unused GPIO free for use with other add on boards", means this is not compatible with the Cluster HAT (I tried, measured all amp readings from each component and didn't go above 110mA on my setup so this was well within what the PoE Hat could provide power wise, but something is blocking communication from my rpi3 to the Cluster HAT. Works fine without the PoE HAT). I wish I had a manual stating all the Pi PoE Switch HAT's functions and what GPIO it uses so I could have planned better. I wanted to take away one star for that, but I can still use this for another project, just one without other hats.

Pi Supply

You can see the pinout here - It uses 5v and GND pins. Everything else is optional (the LEDs and the power management pin).