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RAKwireless RAK2013 Cellular Raspberry Pi HAT

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The RAK2013 is a Raspberry Pi 3B+ edition cellular communications module that supports Low-Power Wide- Area (LPWA) technology for networking Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices. It can support optional BG96 / EG91 / EG95 for 4G/LTE, NB-IoT, CAT-M, CAT1 or CAT 4 cellular protocol. The RAK2013 integrates audio codec and audio amplifier on it, with carrier operator’s network, it also supports Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) for high definition (HD) and uninterrupted voice calls. For easy use, there are earphone connector, MIC connector and speaker connector with audio amplifier.

It also supports a connector to extend sensor board. The sensor board connector follows MikroBus standard, MikroBus has many kinds of the sensor board, such as temperature, humidity, 3 axis sensors, light sensor, etc. It is easy to get sensor data thought MikroBus interface and can transmit the sensor data through a cellular network to your server.

The RAK2013 can connect to RAK2245 Pi Hat board directly, which is RAK’s concentrator module for LoRa® following Raspberry Pi 3B+ edition. It is easy to make a LoRaWAN® gateway by plugging them to a Raspberry Pi board, it can transmit LoRa® data to cloud server by a cellular network.

Package contains

  • RAK2013 cellular Raspberry Pi HAT
  • LTE Antenna IPEX
  • GPS Antenna IPEX (For BG96 only)
  • microUSB cable

Main Features

  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3B+
  • Support optional cellular module (Quectel BG96 or EG91 or EG95) for NB-IOT / CAT-M / CAT1 LTE / CAT4 LTE.
  • Supports Voice over CAT-M or VoLTE.
  • Supports Nano SIM card or eSIM card.
  • Integrates audio codec and audio amplifier.
  • Integrates MikroBus interface to support sensor extended board.
  • Can be added to another Pi HAT to support LoRa concentrator.
  • Supports USB connector for higher data rate.
  • Supports GPS function(only for BG96 module)
  • SMA/IPEX antenna is optional for LTE and GPS.
  • Supports I2C, GPIOs, UART and ADC interfaces for Raspberry board.
  • Supports EEPROM to configure IOs automatically.

Key Features

  • Cellular Module: Optional Quecteel BG96 or EG91 or EG95
  • Cellular Standard and Bands 
    • With BG96: NB-IOT/ CAT-M Cat M1/Cat NB1: LTE FDD: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B8/B12/B13/B18/B19/B20/B26/B28 LTE TDD: B39 (For Cat M1 Only); EGPRS: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    • With EG91: LTE CAT 1 / With EG95:LTE CAT 4
    • Variant for Europe LTE FDD: B1/B3/B7/B8/B20/B28A; WCDMA: B1/B8; GSM: 900/1800MHz
    • Variant for North America LTE FDD: B2/B4/B5/B12/B13; WCDMA: B2/B4/B5
  • Data Rate
    • With BG96 Cat M1: Max. 300Kbps (DL), Max. 375Kbps (UL) Cat NB1: Max. 32Kbps (DL), Max. 70Kbps (UL) EDGE: Max. 296Kbps (DL), Max. 236.8Kbps (UL) GPRS: Max. 107Kbps (DL), Max. 85.6Kbps (UL)
    • With EG91 LTE: LTE FDD: Max 10Mbps (DL)/Max 5Mbps (UL) UMTS: DC-HSDPA: Max 42Mbps (DL) HSUPA: Max 5.76Mbps (UL) WCDMA: Max 384Kbps (DL)/Max 384Kbps (UL) GSM: EDGE: Max 296Kbps (DL)/Max 236.8Kbps (UL) GPRS: Max 107Kbps (DL)/Max 85.6Kbps (UL)
    • With EG95 LTE: LTE FDD: Max 150Mbps (DL)/Max 50Mbps (UL) UMTS: DC-HSDPA: Max 42Mbps (DL) HSUPA: Max 5.76Mbps (UL) WCDMA: Max 384Kbps (DL)/Max 384Kbps (UL) GSM: EDGE: Max 296Kbps (DL)/Max 236.8Kbps (UL) GPRS: Max 107Kbps (DL)/Max 85.6Kbps (UL)
  • Voice: VoLTE (Cat M1 Only)
  • SMS: Point-to-point MO and MT; SMS Cell Broadcast; Text and PDU Mode
  • GNSS (optional): GPS(only for module with BG96)
  • Peripheral Interface:
    • 40-pins Raspberry connector header
    • Micro USB; MikroBus Connector
    • Earphone Jack; MIC Jack; Speaker Jack
    • RESET Button; PWRKEY Button
    • Nano Sim Card slot; USB boot jumper
  • LED 
    • Green: Board Power-on Indication
    • Blue: Cellular Module Power-on Indication
    • Red: Networkk Status Indication
  • Power Consumption 
    • Min 10mA in Power off mode
    • Typical 300mA in CAT M mode
    • Max 2000mA in GSM mode
  • Software
    • Enhanced AT Commands
    • Driver Support for Windows, Linux
  • Physical Dimension
    • Dimension: 65.0 x 56.0 x 19.5 mm (LxWxH,
    • Weight: Approximately 0.99 oz (±0.1oz)
  • Temperature Range
    • Operation Temperature: -35° C ~ +75° C
    • Extended Temperature: -40° C ~ +85° C
    • Storage Temperature: 40° C ~ +90° C
  • Certification: FCC, CE

Hardware interfaces

RAKwireless RAK2013 Cellular Pi HAT

RAKwireless RAK2013 Cellular Pi HAT